Natalia Markova

How a cosmetic doctor can work safely and increase their income

Aesthetic Doctor: safe work and financial result


The main fundamental rule of the doctor is do no harm. That commandment and safety should always accompany the doctor during any manipulation, during any procedure.


It is important to understand that even an experienced doctor with a long practice, anatomical knowledge and practical skills cannot always correctly position himself in the market of medical services.


The systematization of knowledge and practical skills, the ability to choose your niche is the path to success and the opportunity to identify your strengths – this is the reason for creating an online school with a hybrid form of education, including online and offline learning, expert support from mentors, analysis of complex cases, assistance in solving adverse events and complications. Online video lessons save your time, offline lessons are aimed at increasing your practical knowledge and improving the safety of the manipulations.


The online school program includes two-day anatomical courses where anatomical structures are studied, anatomical analysis of the most dangerous areas are conducted, and most importantly, the knowledge gained is practiced on the material to increase the safety of manipulations. By attending advanced training and anatomical courses, the doctor increases confidence in his work and safety for the patient. After all, the main goal is not only to make the patient beautiful and happy, but also not to harm. Each patient should be sure that the manipulations being performed are at least safe, and ideally justified.

The field of aesthetic medicine is developing at a tremendous speed, a large number of new medical products are entering the market, the quality of some may be in question. It is necessary to keep up with all the innovations, keep your finger on the pulse on the market updates (methods, services, procedures), be on the same page with like-minded people, and create competitive advantages.That is why we organize round tables, webinars at which we review new products, analyze the methods of use, as well as possible adverse events and complications, and ways to solve them.


Aesthetic doctors do not need to be persuaded to attend exhibitions, congresses, workshops, many of them already know that it is important to stay in trend, which means that you need to develop, work on mistakes and improve. It is difficult to overestimate the importance and need to constantly assert yourself in knowledge for the aesthetic doctor, because there is nothing more important than perfected skills, safe work and a satisfied patient.


Studying at our school is the way to boost financial results, heighten the safety of your work, enhance trust and understanding between you and your patients, as well as the proper packaging of your services with the ability to build a competitive business. After all, it is the right marketing presentation of your business and you as an expert that can double and stabilize your financial result, increase your motivation to go further, gain and deepen knowledge and skills, and share these knowledge and skills. But how competitive your business will be and how much income it will bring you depends only on you.