Natalia Markova

Hand placement for cosmetologist Training by Natalia Markova

Individual hands-on is one of the most effective ways to train doctors of aesthetic medicine in injection and thread techniques, a great opportunity to acquire new competencies. After all, the effectiveness and further results depend on the accuracy of the procedure. 


This event implies practical training on the model under the guidance of an expert and is suitable for both beginners and practicing cosmetologists.


Individual hands-on for aesthetic practitioners at Medical Esthetic


The field of aesthetic medicine has been developing rapidly in recent years and aesthetic doctors have to constantly improve their skills to be on trend. Practitioners clearly understand what knowledge gaps they have. With the development of new technologies, with the emergence of a wide range of different injectable interventions, the improvement of pharmaceutical materials, the work of the aesthetic doctor must correspond to the level of this development.


If you want to expand the list of your services or improve your skills – we invite you to the individual hands-on masterclass for aesthetic doctors to Natalia Markova. Individual training with Natalia Markova is at the highest level – she understands how to explain anatomy to doctors and how to help them use this knowledge in practice. The training takes place in Prague, at the Medical Esthetic Clinic. A doctor who has undergone individual hands-on training becomes a specialist in his or her field head and shoulders above the rest.


Training is carried out in a format of live communication and in a friendly atmosphere: students have an opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and practice. The main goal of the training is to give everyone the opportunity to learn new manual skills, which will later become a habit. The aesthetic doctor performing the procedure must instinctively feel the layers and vessels, the skill should be habitual for him – Natalia Markova will help you to get to this point.


The training program is compiled on an individual basis and is coordinated with the practical wishes of specialists. The structure of individual training includes 3 stages:


  • Training preparation stage:

discussion and approval of topics, selection of models according to indications, preparation of medical devices necessary for practicing;

  • Theory stage:

agreed in advance, depends on the experience and the request of the specialist (selection of the best and proven knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine);


  • Practice stage:

demonstration of the technique on the model, independent practice under the responsive guidance of Natalia Markova.


Benefits of studying with Natalia Markova


  • you can choose the training topic that is up-to-date and interesting to you;
  • the training schedule is flexible; we choose and agree the most convenient time for you;
  • only certified preparations are used during the training;
  • one-day/two-day training;
  • training can be either individual (1 person) or in a group of not more than 3 people.


What do you get? What are the results?


An increase in your knowledge, mastery of techniques and the practical application of the acquired knowledge in your work. At the end of individual training a certificate is given and of course, let’s not forget about the energy boost for new achievements, which you will get when studying with Natalia Markova.