Natalia Markova

About Medical Esthetic

In 2011 our company – Medical Esthetic, under the guidance of a dermatovenereologist, aesthetic doctor Natalia Markova, together with the Charles University in Prague conducted the first anatomical course for cosmetologists. Afterwards we became the first company to organize anatomical dissection courses for cosmetologists on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.

 Now the geography of our cadaver courses has expanded significantly. Courses are held on the basis of Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), Medical Institute of the University of Rijeka (Croatia), Odessa National Medical University (Ukraine), Warsaw Medical University (Poland), Institute of Anatomy (Russia), Sechenovsky University (Russia). Over the years of the project’s existence, we have trained more than 2,000 doctors.
 Thus, for more than 10 years we have been conducting anatomical dissection courses for aesthetic medicine specialists in different countries, as well as for distributors of medical devices, independent and highly specialized courses, for small and large groups, with different teachers, different supervisors and programs.
 All our courses are united by one main goal – the safe work of a cosmetologist.

Dissection cadaver courses organized by Medical Esthetic are designed to improve the skills of a cosmetologist and are an important step in improving the skills of a specialist in aesthetic medicine.

In anatomical courses, we study various areas in aesthetic medicine: working with botulinum toxin, the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, the use of collagen stimulators, threads. We invite teachers with experience in anatomical material. All our trainers are practicing cosmetologists, dermatovenereologists, plastic surgeons, as well as active speakers at international congresses of aesthetic medicine.
 The main task of the trainer is to share experience and many years of experience, help students develop practical skills, conduct check-up manipulations through dissection, analyze mistakes and possible complications and adverse events, and most importantly, learn how to work safely and minimize risks and mistakes.
There are many cadaver courses for cosmetologists from different companies on the aesthetic medicine market, and it is often difficult for a doctor to choose which course to join.

What does a cosmetologist receive in an anatomical course from Medical Esthetic?

1. We invite trainers with many years of experience in practice, teaching and research

2. Moderator and supervisor of our courses – dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist Natalya Markova – Aptos & AestheFill trainer, medical adviser to Regen Biotech, Inc., holder of a number of patents, active participant in conferences on aesthetic medicine, specialist in injections of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic fillers, collagen stimulators, threads.

3. We work on the basis of the anatomical departments of medical universities in Europe within the framework of scientific cooperation agreements.

4. A rich lecture program “without water”, applicable in practice.

5. Practical training on anatomical material under the strict guidance of trainers with check-up manipulations.

6. The number of students per 1 anatomical material is not more than 4.

7. The anatomical material is not fixed, is certified, legal, fully tested for infections, specially selected for high-quality processing by a cosmetologist

8. The atmosphere in our courses is friendly and energetic both during training and on free days.

9. We care about your comfort and book only high-quality 4-5* hotels.

10. Full support before and during the trip by Medical Esthetic staff: air booking, insurance, assistance with travel documents, leisure activities.

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