Natalia Markova

Hand placement for cosmetologist Training by Natalia Markova

Hand placement for cosmetologist Training by Natalia Markova Individual hands-on is one of the most effective ways to train doctors of aesthetic medicine in injection and thread techniques, a great opportunity to acquire new competencies. After all, the effectiveness and further results depend on the accuracy of the procedure.    This event implies practical training […]

Complications – how to talk to the patient

Complications – how to talk to the patient Aesthetic medicine in the 21st century is not only one of the most popular ways to maintain your beauty and youth, but also a real solution to many aesthetic issues.   Thread methods, device methods, biorevitalization, peelings are among the most common procedures in the aesthetic medicine […]

How was summer 2022

Лето 2022: как это было? 💫Вспомним самые яркие моменты, которые пополнили копилку нашей памяти.   Летний период был насыщен разного рода активностями эстетико-косметологического направления, многие из них требовали тщательной подготовки и команда Medical Esthetic справилась с ними на “ура”! Ведь вы знаете как трепетно мы относимся к подготовке всех мероприятий – все должно быть на […]

How a cosmetic doctor can work safely and increase their income

How a cosmetic doctor can work safely and increase their income Aesthetic Doctor: safe work and financial result   The main fundamental rule of the doctor is do no harm. That commandment and safety should always accompany the doctor during any manipulation, during any procedure.   It is important to understand that even an experienced […]

Anatomy course and how they are conducted

Anatomy course and how they are conducted The modern world offers more and more opportunities for aesthetic doctors to improve their professional skills and it is not only about studying theory and attending congresses, exhibitions, etc., but also about Anatomical Courses, which are at the peak of popularity in the last decade.   What is […]

Earn more with additional procedures

Earn more with additional procedures Device aesthetic medicine refers to a number of different anti-aging and therapeutic procedures that are carried out by qualified aesthetic doctors using special equipment and physical methods of impact on the skin of the face and body.   Modern technologies make it possible to obtain the desired results quickly, but […]

The human face

Anatomy The human face is a system that carries a whole complex of information and a highly developed means of communication, which will always be a mystery to us. Due to the evolution, which lasted more than one million years, the face has improved and has become the hallmark of everyone, but most importantly, it […]

This is our third scientific article

This is our third scientific article Recently, our third scientific article, co-authored by me, was published on a resource that holds great significance for me – the “Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology” journal. 🔥 This article discusses the topic of aesthetic correction using threads in the intimate area of women. I have extensively presented on […]

It’s not just a chat, it’s a whole online platform👇🏻

I created my perfect and most importantly private Cosmetology Club💉 It’s not just a chat room, it’s a whole online platform👇🏻 💉 with lectures, with articles, with working procedures, with flyhacks💉 with guides – that will help you expand your services, create events in your clinic, run your social media properly💉 live lectures from me […]

About Medical Esthetic

About Medical Esthetic In 2011 our company – Medical Esthetic, under the guidance of a dermatovenereologist, aesthetic doctor Natalia Markova, together with the Charles University in Prague conducted the first anatomical course for cosmetologists. Afterwards we became the first company to organize anatomical dissection courses for cosmetologists on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.   Now […]