One of the key and exclusive activities of Medical Esthetic is clinical trials for medical companies.


Scientific clinical trials by our company’s specialists are carried out in order to estimate the effectiveness, safety or expand the indications for the use of medical devices.


Our company is responsible for the proper conduct of scientific research, for the safety of patients and animals on whom tests are carried out.


All clinical trials in the European Union are strictly regulated, require a long time, and are also an important step in the process of registering a medical device or preparation in the EU. All medical tests in the Czech Republic are controlled by the Ministry of Health.


The Medical Esthetic company specializes in the research of medical devices that are used in aesthetic medicine. We provide scientific clinical research both for ourselves and for manufacturing companies and distribution companies.


You can find publications of the results of scientific clinical trials on our online platform:

Clinical Studies by Natalia Markova
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The publication of the results of scientific clinical studies is of great interest to the medical community: as manufacturers, medical advisers to companies and brands, international trainers, speakers and doctors practicing in cosmetology, dermatovenereology and aesthetic medicine.


At the moment, Medical Esthetic, under the scientific supervision of a dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist Natalia Markova, is working on several projects. The purpose of these projects is the registration of medical devices with the European Commission for the Supervision of Medicinal Products. This commission began its activities in May 2021. We have been waiting for the launch of the pan-European program modules and, finally, Medical Esthetic has been registered and can now register all scientific clinical trials of our company, as well as medical devices on a single European portal.


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